Swine Services

Nature Feed Centre in conjunction with Purina offers a full line of Swine nutrition options. Whether you mix feed on farm or feed a complete ration we have the products to fit your needs.

For many years we have been known for our supplements (mixed corn or grain to make a complete ration). We also offer a variety of premix options called Sup-R-Mix. These low inclusion base mixes combined with soymeal and corn to make a complete ration. What sets us apart with our premix is that it is pelleted! This unique form of premix offers several benefits which include: increased flow ability, separation and a more consistent blend overall.

We also offer several lines of complete feed to fit your goals on farm. Nature Feed specializes in customizing our nutrition to meet our expectations. To that end, we offer Stretchers and Blenders to help make your corn last, Distillers grain blends to incorporate DDG`s or other ingredients into the ration and many other options. We also offer all of our products in a pellet; crumb or meal form to best fit your on farm needs.

Our service package adds value to your bottom line. Some of the benefits we offer are: custom ration balancing, budgeting, barn walks, P.E.P, closeouts, mill calibration, feed bookings, record keeping, ingredient sampling and grain banking.

For more information on our nutrition options please click the links below or if you have any questions please contact us.

For more detailed info visit the Purina website.

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