Dairy Feeds

Milk Replacer

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Milk Chow 20:20 Bio- All milk protein source comprise this high quality milk replacer. It is formulated for dairy heifer calves and can be used in from conventional feeding systems right through automated machine feeding systems.

V-Tech 100- A custom formualted milk replacer designed for both dairy and veal operations. This is an economical milk replacer that can be used to raise claves in conventional milk feeding systems.

Calf Starter

1036, 1065, 10665, 97848

1036 Calf Startena- The “Best of the Best”. This is an extruded calf starter that maximizes the growth potential of your dairy calves. It is a highly palatable feed that calves will begin to eat at a very early age.

97848 Nature Calf- A custom formulated calf starter developed to provide your calves with quality nutrition at an economical price.

Heifer Starter

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Nature 18% Heifer Complete- A pelleted 18% heifer grower medicated with Bovatec that will provide quality nutrition to maximize the frame size of your heifers. This feed is designed to be fed from 3- 6 months of age.

1147 Heifer Supplement- A 40% supplement designed to be mixed with on-farm grains that will provide excellent growth in your heifers.

Lactating Cows

We provide the full nutrition package for today`s progressive dairy producers. We provide high quality rations and back them with high quality service. We carry a full line of premixes, supplements, complete feeds and will customize any of these to meet your personal needs.

Dry Cows


1939 Prime Time Net B21- is a dry cow supplement formulated specifically for the close-up and early lactation period. The supplement contains and ideal blend of energy and protein, along with Purina`s Promote N.E.T. Technology. It contains all the nutrients needed to help the close-up dry cow with the demands of high milk production in early lactation.

1949 Transition Cow Net- is a transition cow product formulated specifically for the period 3 weeks pre and post calving to help cows make a smooth transition to the milking ration. The supplement contains a unique blend of digestible fibre, enreggy sources and high quality protein to meet the unique needs of the transition cow. For more information in regards to products that will fit your farm operation and for specific pricing please contact William.