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Nature Feed Centre has been a proud partner of the beef producer for many years. Our long-term commitment to the industry, along with Purina`s goals of optimizing performance on your farm helps to ensure your success. Purina has been a leader in the industry by introducing innovative products and services to the cattle produce.

A few examples of what sets us apart:

  • Pre-Con Receiving Chow Line - This market leader receiving feed is specificaly formulated for calves to help overcome the stress of weaning and transit.
  • ROC Premix - This pelleted premix is a new concept in premix. The benefits of a pellet are: less separation, improved mixing, flow and less shrink in a bunk.
  • Sup-R-Blocks - An innovative concept that provides consistent supplement nutrition to your cattle. These blocks feature self-limiters to prevent over consumption, weatherproof technology that eliminates waste in all weather conditions.
  • Right Now Mineral - A 2 phase weather resistant seasonal mineral. One phase to compliment the high nutritive value of green, growing forages and highly digestible hay and ensiled forages. A second phase for cattle wintered indoors, at breeding and throughout stressful times.
  • Bold and Gold - This shipping grid is a result of a partnership between Cargill Meet Solutions and Agribrands Purina to reward producers whose cattle are fed on Purina feeds and processed at Cargill in Guelph On.
  • Beef Pro - Ration balancing program- a state of the art nutrition program that allows us to balance a ration while on your farm, balancing for the many co-products and other varying ingredients used on farm today.

If you are interested in finding our more information about these programs please contact us.

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